• updating the documentation to use the Ikki_USB_Creator script under Linux


  • release of the Linux script Ikki_USB_Creator which allows to create a USB key with a persistent partition in NTFS format, which starts in BIOS and UEFI
  • the documentation will be updated soon


  • updating the documentation to create a BIOS and UEFI compatible USB key
  • version 9.1 in preparation

05/28/2018 version 9.1 RC1

  • update : SliTaz 5.0-RC4 20180520 core64
  • update : GParted 0.31.0-1-amd64
  • update : Clonezilla 2.5.5-38-amd64
  • UEFI boot available: UEFI has been tested only on virtual machines your returns are welcome (it’s always necessary to disable secure boot)
  • the USB version is included in the ISO, the installation on key can be done via dd under Linux or Win32 Disk Imager under Windows

Example of installation on Linux key (For Expert only, this command erases all data on your USB key, misused it can lead to data loss)

dd if=/home/julien/Ikki_Boot_9.1_RC1.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M

The documentation will be updated when the final version is released


  • new website created via Sphinx
  • Ikki Boot preparation version 9.1 with UEFI support for SliTaz, GParted and Clonezilla
  • version 9.1 scheduled for April/May

01/27/2018 version 9.0

  • update : GParted 0.30.0-1-i686
  • update : Clonezilla
  • update : Super Grub2 Disk 2.02s9
  • GAG has been removed
  • the website has been translated in English

05/30/2016 Version 8.0

  • add GParted 0.26.0-2-i686
  • add TestDisk 7.0
  • update : Clonezilla 2.4.5-23-i686
  • update : Slitaz 5.0-rc3
  • update : Darik’s Boot and Nuke 2.3.0
  • update : Super Grub2 Disk 2.00s4
  • update : Syslinux 6.03
  • Puppy Linux has been removed
  • RIPLinux has been removed