- In case of blockage, how can I easily quit a live cd or a tool ?

The easiest way is to make the next keystroke combination : Ctrl + Alt + Del This will reboot the computer

- How do I delete my USB key after using Rufus or dd ?

On Windows restart Rufus, follow the 1st installation method but instead of choosing Write in DD Image mode choose Write in ISO Image mode. Once the writing is done you can delete your key.

On Linux use the fdisk command followed by the name of your disk and then create a new DOS partition table with the command o then w to save and exit. You can then use GParted to format your key.

- Can I hide the files and folders of the USB version under Windows ?

Yes, just launch the Ikki_Boot.cmd file present at the root of the key and restart it to display them again.

- Do the live cd load in memory ?

SliTaz is loaded in memory, once you have reached the graphical interface you can remove the cd

- Syslinux or Extlinux do not run on Linux

It is necessary to install the libc6-i386 package and to give the execution rights via the command chmod +x

apt-get install libc6-i386
chmod +x extlinux

- What command is used to create the ISO image ?

xorriso -as mkisofs -r -o Ikki_Boot.iso -V 'Ikki Boot' -J -joliet-long -isohybrid-mbr travail/boot/syslinux/isohdpfx.bin -c boot/syslinux/boot.cat -b boot/syslinux/isolinux.bin -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -eltorito-alt-boot -e boot/grub/efi.img -no-emul-boot -isohybrid-gpt-basdat -isohybrid-apm-hfsplus /home/julien/Ikki_Boot

- Do you have any other questions ?

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